Standard Overhaul and Repair

Procedures and Practices


Shafttech provides overhaul services for Gearbox, Blowers, Pumps and Electric Motors. Our engineers have a combined total of over 100 years of experience and technical knowledge, and will be able to give accurate assessment on the condition and necessary repairs that is required.


General Mechanical Repair Specifications:


1. All speed reducers or assemblies will be:

· Completely disassembled.

· Hot Tank Stripped.

· Cleaned, wire brushed of all rust and grease.

· Inspected and/or tested as follows:

o Measure all "fits" and compare with original drawing dimensions. Provide photographs and/or sketches for assembly.

o Cases, housings, etc. - will be visually inspected for cracks and other signs of wear.

o Shafts & Gearing - visually inspect and dimensionally checked, for possible reuse.


2. A detailed line by line quotation of all work required to recondition the assembly/speed reducer will be prepared and include:


Repair Specifications:

1. Fits

2. Shafting

3. Gearing

4. Cases, Housing, etc.

5. Assembly and Test Procedures

6. Painting and Identification

7. Run Test Procedure

a. Firmly mount gearbox to be tested to run test stand.

b. Fill the unit with Shafttech Company run test lubricant.

c. Attach the oil pumping station to the unit if required.

d. Hook up all run test equipment.

e. Check and document temperature.

f. Start test motor and set variable RPM to the gearbox requirements.

g. Attach gearbox to test motor and record decibel reading during run test.

h. Check all sealed areas for any oil leakage.

i. Gearbox bearing temperature will be checked and documented at several intervals during testing.

j. Vibration and other non-destructive testing per customer requirements are available.


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